My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

I have never done new year’s resolutions. But this is a new year. Before I lay them out I would highly recommend reading why your resolutions are going to fail, likely by next week. I have recently applied the investing mindset as well as the discipline-over-motivation principle and it has changed my life.

With that in mind, here is my list for 2016:

#1. New job + mentor – this is the year that I work to learn instead of work to earn
#2. Travel – tickets to Thailand purchased for June! – first time overseas
#3. Read more – 1 x fiction + 1 x non-fiction book per month (~20 pages per day)
#4. Write more – daily journal + start a personal blog (check!)
#5. Save more – increase investments
#6. Buy less – spend money investing in myself rather than on material objects – you can’t take them with you!
#7. Keep up my current exercise routine – 5 x per week
#8. Meditate everyday – even if it’s 5mins (aim for 20 mins a day) – use an app such as calm or headspace
#9. Run more – 2 x per week + complete half marathon
#10. Yoga – 2 x per week – read 15 reasons dudes should never do yoga
#11. Get outside into nature more
#12. Cut my alcohol consumption by 50%
#13. Cook more – save money + eat healthy
#14. Be more social – contact someone different each week
#15. Drink more water – use Aquaalert to get into the habit

15 resolutions might seem like a lot to achieve but most of these are already part of my routine. My goal is to continue to develop good habits and routines while eliminating bad ones.

I am currently using to track my goals, set reminders and give myself a high five when I am on a winning streak.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know some of your resolutions or get in contact @BrettLivesHere on twitter.

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